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Straight From the Field
I grew up milking cows on our family dairy farm in the heart of the Midwest. Graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor's in Agricultural Education –– communications option, and Journalism and Mass Communications. And have been freelancing for five years.

Why You Want to Work with Me

You're forward thinking. Responsible. Busy. 

You want to spend time doing what you do best –– propelling your business forward.

And, you understand the value of working with a freelance writer: no need to provide a salary, nor benefits. And hire only when you need copy written. No strings attached.

How I Can Help You

If you're looking for an accountable writer. A writer who understands the ag industry. Knows your prospects. And who can champion your product. Contact me for a free (no obligation) consultation. 

Ph: 309/697-5007. Email

Thanks for stopping by. I'm Laura Fernandez, a freelance agricultural copywriter with experience working on both sides of the fence –– farming and marketing.

My expertise is writing copy that helps ag companies:

  • Increase dialog with customers – online and offline.
  • Create a buzz about their product.
  • Show their magnetic personality.
  • Prove their trustworthiness.
  • Build a loyal customer base.

... And persuade people to buy their product.

Not sure where to start?

Let's find out. Contact me for a free consultation. 309/697-5007.



Advertisements. Advertorials. Brochures. Website copy. Catalog Copy. White Papers. Direct Mail. 


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Public Relations

Press Releases. Social Media postings. Ghost Writing. Feature Articles. Newsletters. Blogs. Annual Reports.

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Technical articles. Feature articles. FOBs. BOBs. 


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