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"When talking to the press, remember they always have the last word."

- More of Life's Little Instructions

Imagine reading a story headline in a trade magazine about a new product that helps people increase productivity. 

Next to the article is a full-page advertisement claiming the same thing.

Which one are you more likely to read and believe?

Most likely, you’ll pay more attention to the article. After all, it isn’t a paid advertisement, and must be credible.

This is the power of public relations.

​News and feature articles are often inspired by a well-written company news release. But keep in mind, there is much more to pr than sending out news releases.The fundamentals of PR are to keep your actions in line with your business values through superb communication.

And in the agriculture industry, this isn’t just a publicity option, it is a responsibility.

You have a responsibility to communicate clearly, honestly and openly with the industry: clients, prospects, employees, stockholders, media, organizations and competitors.

​The heart of pr is value-driven publicity. And knowing what message you want to send out to the public, and who you want to keep in touch with. Ag pr is held to a high standard. It isn’t something to skimp on. 

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