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Feel like you're getting run over by social media?

Try these 5 tips to boost engagement with ag producers.

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1. Add the word “You” to your post. By adding the word You, the post becomes about your clients, not your company. Producers want to know about things that affect them.

2. Mention a benefit. Tell producers why they need to care about your product release, service update, etc. Reward them with a benefit. Don’t make them guess at how your company will benefit them. Tell them directly.

3. Write in a reading level below what producers read at. Producers appreciate information that is easy to digest and straight to the point. Keep your posts simple and direct.

4. Maintain the buzz. marketing is only as strong as its weakest link. And if there is no other promotion, than the social media marketing will lose momentum and people will forget what you said. Reinforce your posts with other types of marketing (i.e. blogs, news releases, contests).

5. Listen to producers. If you listen closely, you’ll hear why producers want your product and your service. Use their words, their needs and their wants to write your posts.